Global Tibetan Professionals Network - North America (GTPN NA)

The Global Tibetan Professionals Network (GTPN) is a nonprofit 501c3, volunteer-based networking forum consisting of Tibetan professionals in North America. We serve as a platform for networking among Tibetan professionals in North America with the goal to help each other, share ideas, information and resources.


To promote specialization and professionalism among Tibetans to strengthen the community.


To create a global network of Tibetan professionals and connect them with community.


  • To connect and build a support network of Tibetan professionals globally
  • To identify and promote Tibetans who have achieved success in different professions a role models
  • To introduce a system of mentoring aspiring young Tibetans (both students as well as professionals) by establishing Tibetan professionals through a process of sharing ideas, information and resources
  • To promote the involvement of Tibetan professionals in sustaining Tibetan identity and strengthening the Tibetan voice.